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Keeps you connected with the news, videos, and people that matter most to you
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Knctr is a versatile software tool whose aim is to keep you connected with the people and the entertainment that are more important to you. The program is completely free and offers you free phone calls within North America, free daily videos, and daily news. Besides, the program can act as a client tool for the two major social networks ─ Facebook and Twitter. In other words, you can read from and post messages to those popular networks, very easily.

Knctr offers a vivid and colorful user interface which may be a bit hard to understand at first. It provides you with access to all the functionality offered by the program from a single place. There is an area dedicated to the “daily available videos”, which you can play back both in normal and full-screen modes. You can display the "Video" menu and select a video category, and then select one of the available videos for watching. Unfortunately, you can only watch the videos listed by the program, not allowing you to search for different ones.

Another area of the program's main interface allows you to open the free phone application. However, you will need to register and provide some personal information to be able to use it. Next is a small panel where you can receive messages from Facebook and Twitter social networks. Of course, you will need to provide your username and password for these networks to be able to use this function. Finally, there are two bigger areas that open the developer's Facebook and Twitter pages, respectively, with the help of a built-in simple browser. The program encourages you to like them in Facebook and follow them on Twitter, of course.

In conclusion, I could say Knctr is a versatile app that offers you an interesting set of tools to stay connected with the people that matter most to you, and to receive entertaining videos and news daily.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Vivid and colorful user interface
  • Offers you free phone calls within North America
  • Offers you free daily videos and news
  • Can act as a client tool for Facebook and Twitter social networks


  • Allows you to play back only the currently listed videos
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